fleeting feeling washes over, engulfing - a wave. a smell. that touch. a taste. that air. that sound.
you don't want to forget
you must not forget this day:

this wind.

this sadness.
this hope.
this desperation and rage.
this joy.
this bliss.
this renewal.
this fight.
this success.

the Sacredness.
the silence of our Longing.

what really matters. what makes everything make sense. 

for the laughter in all of us.
for the sadness and the heartbreak.
the accomplishments and the achievements.
the milestones and the miles traversed.

through wind and rain and sleet and hail.
and that sunshine, that golden...
through time and journies,
laughter and tears,
screams and stillness,
peace and humility.

following you, howling.

in the wind, the wind, the Wind.

 + R E M E M B E R / M E M O R Y / R E T U R N +

L A Y L I  S A M I M I

Born to an Iranian mother and an American father, I grew up in the temperate rainforest of Southeast Alaska, building bonfires, hiking on glaciers and following humpback + killer whales in the beautiful Pacific.  After graduating high school, my family relocated to the shores of the Israeli Mediterranean where I spent 4 years collectively. Lived in Western Samoa, Washington + Oregon (Olympia + Portland, respectively), Crete, Vermont, Minnesota, South Dakota and currently, my husband and I reside in the beautiful + vibrant city of Los Angeles. 

All of these places have tremendously inspired my work. I have been shooting since I was 7; my first love is analog + instant photography.

Graduated with a BA in Social Philosophy, minor in Photography from The Evergreen State College // Received an MA in Conflict Transformation from the School for International Training  

// Highlighted clients: National Geographic (Associate Producer of Pine Ridge Reservation Community Storytelling Project); Madewell; GOOD Magazine; the ACLU.